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Newbie in Search of Information

I have not yet bought a Ram 1500 but based on my research it looks like this is the model for me. I am looking to replace my 2011 BMW 535i GT and my circumstances have changed enough from 2011 to be considering moving into a second row seating pickup with a cab cover.

My wife has a corvette and my mother-in-law (who recently moved in with us) has a Lexus sedan. So I though why not get a vehicle that has as much or more cargo capacity as a minivan. During the move of my mother-in-law I came to prize cargo capacity as I had to rent a van multiple times during different phases of the move. In addition to the move prior art projects that my wife inveigled me into and other household projects had demonstrated the limits of the cargo capacity of my BMW. So I have been thinking for some time about getting a vehicle with greater cargo capacity. And now that the BMW is aging this may be the time to make the move.

So the purpose of joining this forum is to seek out knowledge about the Ram 1500 to figure out what configuration works best for me. When I search on the internet and "build sites" there are a lot of things I don't know how to evaluate. So real world experience and advice would be very helpful.

Here are the parameters I working with:

1. Budget -- I can be flexible. Nobody wants to spend more (well, maybe a few do) than they have to, but I can spend more if it makes sense.
2. Comfort -- The reason I am focusing on the Ram is the reported reputation for seating comfort for all occupants particularly in the larger size cab. I will routinely take 3 people around and on longer trips. I rarely (if ever) have call to carry more than 4 people.
3. Safety -- yes I want the best safety features available.
4. Nav/sound system -- yes. I do need bluetooth connection for hands free dialing of my iPhone. Music is going to be digital, so whether it is sourced on a CD, the radio, or my iPhone is irrelevant. Nav system needs to good, but if I can do better on my iPhone, then that is always an option.
5. Cargo -- this is why I am focused on a pickup. Short beds seem problematic to me but I am open to considering why they might be the best fit. I have a couple of recumbent tricycles that my wife and I ride. Although I do have trike carriers that can fit on a hitch these buggers are heavy and I am not getting younger. So I am thinking of ramping them on to the pickup bed. The length of the larger trike is ~73 inches from the pedals on the boom to the back of the trike. I could transport them with the tailgate down I suppose, if a short bed made the most sense.
6. Bed cap -- I know that Ram doesn't sell them, but my approach has been to make the pickup bed like a giant trunk. So if I go that way I need to know what considerations there would be as to which model and configuration I choose. I have identified 3 manufactures -- Leer, A.R.E., and Century -- and am leaning toward high tops to maximize capacity.

I would love to know the thoughts of current Ram owners on these and other issues in selecting a model and configuration.

Thank you.

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I hope you had a look at long term test drives because often those provide perspective that can answer some of these questions.
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Welcome to the forum and glad to hear that you are considering moving into a new Ram. There have been minor complaints over fit and finish issues like rattling inside the cabin, but the 2019MY is imo one of the best we've seen from FCA. With so many trim levels and additional add ons to play with, it'll be easy to spec one to your liking.
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Most of the early reviews that I've seen do support your claims that the Ram is the most comfortable of the top 3 brands. In regards to cargo capacity Ram also has their exclusive Ramboxes which can be added to the bed, though that has resulted in delays with production previously. Welcome.
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